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4 weeks and counting...

We chose to isolate our family about 5 days before the government set out their lockdown plans for the country, so we are well and truly into our fourth week of family lockdown. We are all well and coping well - better than I expected at the outset to be honest. We are closer as a family and are communicating better with one another, respecting each other’s quirks, space and sharing our time together. I know many of my friends have been saying the same kind of thing. I am very mindful everyone's situation is different and depending on jobs and roles in the community, people will be facing different scenarios which may vary greatly. I wish everyone strength to do what they have to do during this difficult time.

During the first two weeks I had a high level of motivation to keep on studying, as I had my first year Shiatsu exams approaching. These came and went, and it was joyous to spend the weekend with my fellow students, even though our weekend was conducted remotely. Working through zoom, I was able to experience first hand how a sensitive group space could be held in such a physically disconnected way. Our study group, who have created such strong, supportive relationships with one another during the year, were able to quickly step back into our mind/body/soul shared space digitally. We took turns to speak, listen carefully and be in a shared moment together. It was important for us all to draw personal conclusions about the learning journey over the last twelve months. I very much am looking forward to starting my Year 2 studies with my peers later in the year and am so keen to keep offering Shiatsu in my community and developing my business plan.

It is possible that during this time we may be feeling quite overwhelmed by the endless news and analysis of the pandemic global situation. Personally, I am making sure that my busy family days are punctuated with some vigorous exercise, lots of fresh air and some alone time if possible. I try to limit my time on social media, and I am trying to prioritise taking care of my needs. I believe that by filling myself up first with what I need, I can be a better person and be more present for others. I was reminded of this concept when I took part recently in remote session with Fresh Air Fridays who advocate this self care approach. I can support my family, take care of the usual house chores and meals and support my husband as he navigates remote teaching at his university if I am in better emotional, mental and physical shape.

Meanwhile, I do have some further study to complete, but in all honesty I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on anything that isn't family at the moment and I haven't really wanted to post anything until now when I saw a growth mindset graphic I liked on Twitter posted by Dr Monika Langeh @drmonika_langeh. This helped me realise where I am at the moment and where I would like to be. I would like to move from the Learning Zone back into the Growth Zone and have to up my effort in terms of what I set out to do daily.

My intentions are to keep on with daily exercise and my daily gratitude diary I am co-creating with my friend, but also to find activities to help create a new rhythm at home as we enter month two of lockdown. Simply sitting and observing different emotions as they rise and fall without judgement is something I will prioritise as well as finding some study time. My sewing machine is also out, and I will seek more creative mini projects that offer distractions.

So, if you are reading this, I invite you to consider where you might be on this image at any one time. What might that signify for you? What emotions are rising for you? After some time in acknowledgement, you may feel able to set an intention moving forwards.

No judgement, just observations and possible actions.

Do get in touch or leave a message if you wish to chat or share some quiet time together. I am here and able to support remotely.

xxx Vicky

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