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Daily Gratitude Practise

Today I've invited my dearest, oldest friend to join me in a shared online project: Our Gratitude Diary. We are living in strange times and whilst everyone in my family is working remotely and electronically on school work and in education I find myself craving a little something to record what is happening. I've set us up with a shared google slide document and hopefully we can take turns to complete and share in this process. I'm also hoping that each day I can invite someone in our family to contribute, with a picture or a comment. We shall see.

I started being more aware of gratitude and the power it can bring last year when I joined the rather awesome Fresh Air Fridays Community. One of their central tenets is to really pause and take note of what is around and how that shows up for you. Being grateful and taking time to truly acknowledge this can be so helpful. We can control what we think about and this can be a very powerful tool. Our minds can reframe some of the trials and tribulations that may be flying around our heads with some more positive bookends and honesty.

It is a very unusual time right now. There is fear, confusion, some panic, some ignorance and a whole lot of time to be spent at home. So, for me, I welcome the chance to really dig deep with my positive mental health strategies and approaches gained over the years. Stay well folks.

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