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Fascinating Fascia!

Whilst doing some Sunday studying, I've just stumbled across a great article for runners who may have niggling injuries and aches and pains that traditional treatments are failing to work effectively: leaving the runner feeling below par physically. I know personally that if I can't exercise for a a few days or a week or so, I really start to feel some physical negativity in, my whole body which impacts upon my state of mind.

My husband is a super keen runner, who is always reading and researching more about how he can age whilst maintaining peak performance. He started talking about specific muscles hidden deep in his core some time ago, but also is increasingly interested in how the network of fascia around the body has a huge part to play in maintaining performance.

I'm not a sports scientist: I've been mostly a dance teacher much of my professional life and in all honestly been much involved in the creative processes of choreography and performance with young people. However, now I'm studying shiatsu I'm returning to more detailed anatomy and physiology studies.

For those slightly unsure:

"Muscle fascia, which is the connective tissue components of a muscles, combine together and extend beyond the end of the muscle as rounds chords or flat bands, called tendons; or a thin, flat ad broad aponeurosis. The tendon is or aponeurosis secures the muscle to the bone or cartilage, to other muscles, or to a seam of fibrous tissue called a raphe" (Jarmey, 2003).

The article in Runners World discusses how important it is to nurture your fascia by moving more, staying hydrated and lubricated, stretching muscles and fascia and relaxing.

Well, taking time to have a shiatsu treatment can help achieve all of these benefits. Shiatsu practitioners are highly skilled at helping reduce the body's tension and easing trapped, congested energy. Part of any treatment is being able to manipulate muscles and joints to enhance physical, mental and emotional performance. We use "verbal (and physical) cues, light touch and simple exercises to lessen unconscious destructive movement patterns that may be irritating your fascia"

(Lucas, 2011).

Do get in touch if you are interested in exploring Shiatsu as a treatment for tired runners legs!

I am hosting a shiatsu share event on Thursday 27th February in Trellech. The morning will offer a Grassroots Shiatsu class for 75 mins and there are free mini shiatsu treatments available in the afternoon.

Thanks to:

Understanding Your Fascia by Julia Lucas June 10th 2011

The Concise Book of Muscles, Chris Jarmey

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