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Forming New Patterns

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

During the last three months our lives have changed considerably with new patterns of daily life establishing themselves.

I have experienced highs and lows and am working hard to make sure I focus my attention on the positives and the many benefits presented during this Covid-19 time. I hope this outlook becomes my default, optimistic view. Saying that, it has not always been easy. During the earlier, more turbulent weeks I experienced anger, frustration, extreme fear and bewilderment at the futility of our global and local situation. I did not squash these feelings when they came, choosing instead to talk them through or spend time walking and thinking on them. As soon as possible however, I did try to return to noticing the positive benefits which exist and smaller details and joy of each moment. This is my mindfulness.

My current patterns of self-care include:

· sharing a daily gratitude practice with my best friend

· keeping a wellbeing daily diary

· spending significant amount time in nature which envelop me in a sensory overload of green and birdsong

· talking through any concerns and observations that arise with family and friends

· exercising daily (more than usual I might add!)

· reducing my sugar and bread intake

· taking copious photos of the woodlands in my local area.

All of these habits have become my new normal and help me focus on the positives and staying steady and strong in myself.

I am incredibly fortunate in that I can spend all this time with my amazing family, and we are all well. We are all talking more to one another and finding common interests to share. I am able to support our teenagers as they deal with lockdown and hugely reduced social interactions; follow our youngest child’s lead with regards to home schooling and make sure my husband can work smoothly from home in his role. All of this requires me to be balanced and calm and thankfully for now that balance exists.

Looking to the future, I am starting to read policies, documents and guidance advice from the Shiatsu Society with regards to how we as a community of wellbeing practitioners can begin to support clients once more when it is safe to do so. I am speaking with experienced shiatsu practitioners, teachers, fellow students and listen as they share their concerns and ideas and reshape their offer in their communities. Our second year of study is due to start in the Autumn although there is a lot of uncertainty about the timeline. Rest assured when that starts, I will be hoping to reconnect with my shiatsu clients who have supported me in my learning during the last 12 months.

Part of my current research is to develop more ideas for my grassroots shiatsu classes I am hoping to run later this year or in 2021. Now that family life has settled in the new normal, I believe I will have some more headspace to embark upon this creative challenge.

So, as we all start to edge towards a new normal and gradually, tentatively leave aspects of lockdown behind, I am aware that people may start to experience more anxiety and have concerns about the unknowns in our changed society and workplaces. I am aware that our collective health and wellbeing needs to gain strength. I can only offer that at this time all the positive small steps we have taken must count for something. If we can take time to make sure that any established patterns of self-care become sustainable now, we could continue to reap the benefits while our lives go through a prolonged period of adjustment

Discussion Points:

What patterns of behaviour/emotion have noticed in your life?

What benefits have you found for yourself and your loved ones even during these difficult and uncertain times?

Are you able to develop an additional daily practice to support yourself? What could it be? How might this help?

Please feel free to reply, comment or get in touch directly. I am always happy to listen, talk and offer support whenever possible.

Sending love and wellness.

Stay safe xx


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