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Generating What?

In Shiatsu we talk about the theory of 5 elements. At this time during my studies I am learning about the different meridians associated with the elements and what wood, fire, earth, metal and water elements can represent both in the body of the giver and receiver of shiatsu. Another way in to understanding this content is to consider the different cycles as metaphors for a situation, relationship or pattern of behaviours.

I had the pleasure of meeting a friend and work colleague today who had barely heard of shiatsu til I had mentioned it last year. She was curious, possibly sceptical, but was prepared to have a go and give it a chance. Before we did the treatment I spent a little time explaining some of the work we have covered in our first year course and some of the concepts I am exploring at the moment.

I first shared the generating cycle of the five elements with her and talked of how life (both in mind and body) can be so great when a balance is achieved. This has certainly been helpful to me as I've learned how to recognise when aspects of my life are out of whack. Tensions have arisen, dis-ease has set in, and ultimately relationships with loved ones and myself can take a hit. We certainly have had our fair share of ups and downs both in professional and private lives and it was wonderful to talk freely and with compassion together.

Generating Cycle: I can see that when my life is in balance and consequently better harmony, these elements flow smoothly from one to another.

  • My inner fire is strong and burns brightly: I have energy and warmth.

  • I am nurtured by the earth: I have sparks of new growth which thrive in the nutrient rich dense soil. I am able to be brave, explore new ideas and be creative finding my natural growth.

  • Clarity comes in the form of metal held within the earth: I have gems of pure gold, held within me which shine brightly and when polished symbolise a guiding beacon or 'green light' to me.

  • Risk and an inevitable journey of life exists in the water: Like a river hurtling down its course, my ride in life can sometimes be choppy, turbulent but ultimately powerful. There are risks within water and there exists a fear of being overwhelmed, but when all is in balance, creative energies and actions be profoundly strong.

  • Wood holds the power to keeping a fire alive: It is the fuel needed to keep the home fires burning brightly. Growth and reaching upwards to the gifts of the natural world (rain, sun) help growth be sustained and long lasting.

After the treatment my friend told me that she had experienced a long, rare moment of peace in her mind during and after the treatment and wants to return for more.

Next time: The Controlling Cycle

Thank you for reading. Do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about shiatsu and how it can help you find peace, comfort or address specific ailments you may be experiencing. All treatments are free while I study this year.

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