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Introduction to Shiatsu Studies

Earlier this year I completed the first stage of my training to become a shiatsu practitioner with the Bristol School of Shiatsu. This consisted of three weekends with 18 really lovely people who had all been attracted to find out more about Shiatsu. We studied with leading practitioners, skilled in their work and renowned for passing on the very essence of what body energy work entails. Our class came from all walks of life with a rich tapestry of talent, heritage and appreciation for holistic healing.

We learned more about the simple art of making contact, connecting with one another and creating a safe space for one another. Learning simple shiatsu routines in both prone and supine positions with essential time for feedback as we practiced with one another.

Each weekend was deeply relaxing, thought provoking and a true escape from real life.

Bristol School of Shiatsu leads all workshops at the Bristol Subud Hall

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