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A few weeks into lockdown I came across this image and added a few thoughts in one of my blog posts. If I am honest, back then, I was in the learning zone. I had hopes of moving to the growth zone, but some aspects of fear were still holding me back. We had constructively set out some structures for our enforced family time together. I sure did need a to do list or a bit of a timetable to make sure a healthy range of activities existed in each week for us all. There was a real danger of just staying in our pj's and streaming movies and box sets (which have done occasionally)! Not only did I have to make sure our whole family was able to take part in a range of activities I needed my precious alone time to process thoughts and feelings for myself. I had lost a huge amount of my privacy and everyone was suddenly in my space. It has paid off I am glad to say and as we are about 13 weeks into this lockdown I have settled into some behavioural patterns which are now the pillars of my new life.

I think the most important thing I've learned is that life really is about the 'now'. Intellectually, I have known this for quite a while, but not always been able to physically embody this. However, one the benefits of this slower time is that I've had the luxury of just 'being' more. Consequently, I don't feel I am just waiting for the next phase as I am truly more centred and grounded. The activities that have helped me the most are being out in the local woods and taking daily exercise and my making sure my daily expectations fall within my capacity. I continue to share a daily gratitude practice with my dearest friend and know we will look back on this one day in the future. I feel more adaptable and flexible and dare I say it, happier. I am fortunate in that I have enough time to do this and our children are all doing well with their lockdown routines which have evolved and are well balanced. I can more easily take time out of the day just for me: I am stronger and more centred for this. This is my contribution to caring for my family and as soon as is safe to do so, my friends and shiatsu clients.

I am now moving to a time where I can spend more time pondering how I can best help others as life post lockdown starts to emerge. I am exploring some online ideas with other well-being initiatives; embarking upon research; refreshing some website content and considering my curriculum for future grassroots classes.

Discussion points:

Do you think about others and you could be of help?

Are you able to live 'in the now', with a clearer picture of what's next?

Can you consider how you would like this moment of time to be?

Are you truly able to be appreciative and grateful?

Please comment below or get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts.

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