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Resuming Shiatsu - Autumn 2020

Gaining Strength

Those who know me will already be aware that I had a nasty slip about 6 weeks ago. I dislocated my ankle and broke two bones in my left leg. Time really has slowed down for me this summer and I'm acutely aware of my need to build a really strong foundation once more so that I can begin to balance the joys and demands of life once again. I am healing well and hope to be resuming more activities shortly. Thank you to those who have supported me during this time and I have to say that I have discovered even more meaning in adopting a daily gratitude and mindfulness habit.

Resuming Shiatsu Studies

My 2nd year of training starts in October and I hope to once again offer shiatsu to friends and family (and perhaps a wider circuit of people), who are keen to find some balance and restorative healing in their physical, emotional and mental states.

I have attended several Shiatsu Society zoom calls this summer to ascertain what best practice now looks like and what protocols are needed in order to fall in line with government recommendations associated with Covid-19. To this end, I have drafted a set of guidelines I intend to follow and would like to share these with my contacts who may be interested in receiving shiatsu again.

I am keen to ascertain who might be interested to receive shiatsu, given the safety protocols identified, and how I can create a safe space to work in holistically with you. I would be grateful for any thoughts on this and who would be keen to receive shiatsu from October.

Please email or message me directly if you have any comments you would like to share.

Click here for Covid 19 Protocols

Discussion Points: I had to face many fears during my solo trip to hospital for emergency surgery.

  • Have you had to face any fears recently and how has this affected you?

  • What has helped or hindered you during this time?

  • How effective are you at setting yourself goals and sticking to them?

  • What could you do to help yourself?

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