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Study Buddies!

Four of our course managed to get together and study today. Sadly two couldn't join us, but were with us in spirit. After a natter, sharing of progress, trials and tribulations in life and our studies, we had some lunch and then got down to business. We shared top tips for revision approaches and as to be expected we all had different preferences! Elise is our theorist - she can absorb a theory book in a flash and eloquently shared her learnings generously. Paul, like me, likes a neat study card to make and then use over and over again. Jenny is getting herself organised so she can use these bite sized resources to suit the busy life she lives. We all agreed flash cards are really useful and actually making them is great, but also just having a set to test yourself daily is just as good. Paul had some lovely diagrams of the meridians to share also which I immediately swooned over! So neat and precise! We had a quick chat about reflective logs we need to keep also and shared sheets and methods. All good so far and all meeting the demands of year 1. We all want to know more and more and run before we can walk but are conversely trying to switch off from needing to know it all now. The course is 3 years for a reason! It takes a lot of time and energy to learn something different and build ourselves as practitioners from the inside out.

We moved the futons and started to go over various meridians. We revised content for the Water meridian and quizzed each other. Then onto Kidney, then Gall Bladder and finally Liver. Everyone was feeling more confident after this chat time to remind each other of training weekend nuggets of information.

It was good to meet on the mat and practise again - taking time to record our student logs our reflections.

The day ended and we all felt somewhat restored and reset ready for more. Happy days and thanks to all who came.

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