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Study Time

This week I have been studying at home the Zang Fu and the Five Element which include generating, control and insulting cycles. Once a teacher, always a teacher and I know only too well that if I can teach someone else what I'm trying to cram I will own it a little better each time. So, I ventured over to Quizlet to create some quizzes based on the theory of the Five Elements. It may not mean much to anyone else who is not a student of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), but the method of learning is great! This website allows you to create a quiz and study the content in a variety of ways. You can print small cards, complete learning cycles, as well as play matching games or print yourself an old fashioned written test.

My quiz can be found here if you fancy a go.

I have to say that the diagram is easy enough to recall, but the arrows all mean different things and that is what I really have to learn!

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