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Values for Wellbeing

2020 will be a strong, happy and productive year. I know this because I have made some incredible changes in my life, both on a daily basis but also in terms of what my hopes and aspirations reach towards. I credit setting some simple values with this process of empowerment.

2019 was a difficult year. I said goodbye to a career I have loved and excelled in, as well as being forced to take a deep long look at myself and what I would like for the future. Many wise people have said to me that from pain comes a new beginning and that my skills when supporting others will be all the more refined and stronger from having been through a difficult time. I hope so.

With this in mind, it feels apt to now say that I'm very proud of my decisions and actions in the last twelve months and am 100% stronger and in a better place. A year ago I spent a day with a roll of blank wallpaper and an array of marker pens. I used this to really workshop my hopes and dreams. From this came a long detailed list of actions and steps to work through but I was able to distill this all down to several key values.

Prioritising my wellbeing has now become second nature. I have determinedly built in daily habits to ensure I remain well and keep myself in the best shape I can for my life and for time with my wonderful family and friends. These habits include some very simple actions: being in nature, taking daily walks, choosing a range of different physical activities, being sociable with friends and exploring new ideas in theory and practice. I also now read daily and sleep at least 7 hours a night. All this means I have better physical and mental energy for family life which is so much more joyous.

I also had a series of shiatsu treatments with some gentle mindfulness and supporting conversation thrown in for good measure. This made a huge difference and was a really clear turning point for me. It is why I want to learn more. Actually stopping to listen to my body, my inner rhythm and to get to grips with my hopes for the future allowed the healing process to really kickstart into action. I learned to switch off the incessant thoughts and simply be.

This year I know I have the power to maintain these values and whilst they are simple they will take effort. The result will be so worth it.

I encourage you all to find a little time in your day to simply be. It can be a revelation.

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