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Water Element Weekend

June 2019 saw the beginning of part two of the first year training course. Following study weekend 1 in June, we we re-grouped in a smaller cohort. It was time to recap many of the key learning points from the introductory course so that we could move forward and begin to study with more depth and in earnest.

Diving into (no pun intended!) the water element allowed us to touch base with our ancestors, learn more about the Makka Ho movement sequence as well as finding our way around the kidney and bladder meridians. These stretches are a series of 6 deep stretches which awaken the 12 main meridians in our body and can be easily found online.

Each weekend is characterised with heavily practical experiential learning and time to discuss and reflect our learnings with one another.

We take copious notes when we can because we become so relaxed during the 36 hours we are in danger of our thoughts and learnings vanishing into the ether!

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