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Winter Wellness in the Wye Valley

Having recently had a bit of nasty cold, I've been mindfully drinking more water to flush the bugs away! Anyone who knows me will know that I love my strong coffee each morning but I've been actively also just drinking cups of hot water. I've found them to be really refreshing and cleansing for my system. Whilst under the weather I have been wise to not run or swim too much but have focussed on walking daily. A morning stomp through the wonderful woodland in the Wye Valley gives me time to move my joints, raise my heart rate and mobilise joints. I also make sure I walk during my lunch break in Tintern. I can easily cover another mile and a half. I'm conscious of maintaining high amount of steps each day if I can.

I've had time to really notice the seasonal changes around me as autumn turned to winter. The squirrels are looking so healthy at the moment, scurrying and leaping amongst the trees, carrying nuts ready for winter. I've been surprised several times by deer walking across my path near Cleddon Falls but I'm never quick enough with my camera to capture this!

My other winter wellness habits this year centre around making sure my sleep is prioritised. Although a little boring, my routine makes sure I am warm at bedtime, so my immune system can rest. I like to make time to read a gripping novel and put the day's thoughts and activities aside. It is really paying dividends as I know I am getting at least 7 and a half hours and sometimes a decent 8 each night!

My body must be craving specific vitamins found in root vegetables as I've been making copious amounts of soups in recent weeks. Having a soup maker has revolutionised the hassle! Who knew another gadget would be so worth it? My favourite is currently a blend of sweet potato, butternut squash and red onion. Throw in a little tumeric and some chilli seeds and cloves of garlic and I know I will be getting healthy root vegetables and spices to warm the soul and body energy.

It isn't long now til the shortest day and then the days will gradually begin to lengthen. These darks weeks can be a real challenge to maintain positive energy habits but I think that this year I have it sorted so much better.

Above I have shared winter pictures from the woodland on my doorstep: Cleddon Falls,

Beacon Woods view point looking down the Wye Valley towards the Severn estuary and the path through Whitestone Woods.

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