Vicky Evans

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My personal story of growth and healing

My curiosity for Shiatsu began in 2002 where I attended an introductory course to find out more about deep relaxation.  Although curious, I wasn't in a position to train full time at this point and I continued to teach dance in schools and raise our three gorgeous children in the beautiful Wye Valley.  Still curious about holistic therapies I qualified as an Aromatherapist and Reflexologist in 2004 but continued to teach and develop creative curriculums wherever I was based in schools in the region.   

In 2018, I took time out to reflect on how best to carve a future path which could bring together creative and holistic worlds.  I received a series of shiatsu treatments and experienced first-hand profound healing which gave me strength and inner calm to explore new directions. I began to realise Shiatsu offered an opportunity to have a dialogue with the body: much like dance. It can be a very creative, intuitive and deeply personal experience for both giver and receiver.   

I also find myself developing creative wellbeing projects and interventions drawing on the landscape of the glorious Wye Valley, where we respond to the natural environment as a place to develop embodied, somatic movement and refine what it means to be bodyful.   You can find out more about this work at Moving Sense Making Sense.

I am in my third year of training at the Bristol School of Shiatsu and I hope to help people gain deep relaxation and greater ease in their body.  I am a student member of the Shiatsu Society, have student insurance and can offer a range of treatments with a high discount whilst I complete my studies.