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Vicky Evans

Embodied, Somatic, Bodyfulness, Creative

My love for Shiatsu developed when I had a series of successful treatments for an acute episode of burnout in midlife.  Receiving regular Shiatsu helped me realise how my mental, emotional and physical state of being was ultimately affecting my health and love for life.  I was able to gradually find strength and inner calm and realised Shiatsu offered an opportunity to have a dialogue with the body: much like dance.  I found Shiatsu to be a very creative, intuitive and deeply personal experience for both the giver and receiver.  I felt as though I was coming home, back to me.   I continue to do this, seeking balance physically, emotionally, professionally and mentally.  I love to move and swim, run, hike, bike and go to Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Monmouth. 


Movement is my medicine and Shiatsu is my language.

When working with clients, I bring my attention to their body’s internal healing power of energy and movement.  I believe that through a more subtle, inner exploration of our bodies, it is possible to become more aware of our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental state and needs and support the physical self.  


In 2022 I completed an MA in Arts Practice (Arts, Health and Wellbeing) researching creative and somatic movement for wellbeing.  I also offer creative, wellbeing projects inspired by moving somatically in natural landscapes and these workshops invite small groups to respond and connect with nature and themselves.  This work overlaps with my understanding and interpretation of Five Element theory.

I trained at the Bristol School of Shiatsu and Shiatsu College (London) and am a registered and insured member of the Shiatsu Society (MRSS).

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