I want to say thank you for my Shiatsu treatment today.  My hesitancy came from knowing I am a control freak and find it very difficult to let go.  My brain is constantly on the go reflecting, reviewing and scheming.  I wondered if I was going to be able to let go enough to benefit.  I was quickly set at ease and made to feel safe and secure.  There was no awkwardness, it was professional but overwhelmingly caring, allowing me to develop trust in the process.  The whole treatment was calming and nurturing.  I genuinely loved it which surprised me.  I did find a rare clarity and peace that made me feel re-energised and grounded.  I will definitely be visiting again, as I feel I know what is involved and the benefits, that I will be able to gain even more from the next session.  I can thoroughly recommend this experience and would encourage everyone to grab these free sessions while they are there as you will not be disappointed.  Special moments and memories.

The shiatsu session I had with Vicky was wonderful. Vicky makes you feel safe and calm and creates an environment of relaxation and trust. She takes great care to listen to both the verbal and non-verbal communications, and to explain what she is doing and hoping to do.
The treatment is unlike any other therapy I have experienced - it feels individual and unique to myself, locating needy areas with precision and insight. There is a connection created which is difficult to describe, somehow releasing potential and understanding, as well as being a physical relief from particular symptoms. You leave the session feeling changed in some way but I’m not sure I can explain quite how.
During the session I felt the calmer and more positive than I have done for many weeks. More please!

Jan English, Caerphilly

Susan Evans, Monmouthshire

I was new to Shiatsu and joined a grassroots event with three other people all of whom already had some experience of it.  Vicky is a great teacher, she took time to make sure I was up to speed and led me through the session without loosing the flow.  All of us enjoyed it and came away with a feeling of well being and peace. If you are thinking of finding out a bit more about Shiatsu then I can highly recommend going to one of Vicky's grassroots events, you will not be disappointed.

F McColgan, Monmouthshire