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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a new name for the oldest form of medicine - healing with hands.

Shiatsu is a touch therapy deeply rooted in East Asian Medicine that encourages the body to heal. Through working with natural energy pathways in the body and acupressure points, a receiver can become deeply relaxed which offers a powerful opportunity to explore and address imbalances held in the body.  When your body enters a deeper state of relaxation, there comes the chance to seek restoration and healing at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level so bringing about a more profound and longer-lasting change.

Shiatsu is beneficial for all kinds of health issues brought about by stressful lifestyles or transition periods.  I will help you relax deeply, treat your body as a whole, and promote good health. I can support you during times when there may be emotional issues affecting your wellbeing.  

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Each session:

  • supports the restoration of natural ease

  • aids relaxation and creates a sense of wellbeing

  • compliments ongoing medical treatments (please note Shiatsu should never be used as a substitution for medical treatment)

  • brings about a greater sense of equilibrium and potential to thrive in all areas of your life

  • offers you the chance to receive a unique and personal treatment resonating with your circumstances and soul

  • offers a range of contact and quality of touch, ranging from very light to deep tissue, slow and still to a more physically dynamic.

You can read more about how the Shiatsu Society supports research here.

  • has time and space dedicated to creating the best conditions for you (which might include talking, stretching or a visualisation)

  • encourages you to connect with your body and become curious as to what is happening right now in the moment

  • takes place fully clothed on a futon, with cushions or blankets if needed

  • includes a range of techniques such as stretching, holding, pressing, manipulation, all designed to support your energy (Ki or Chi)  flow smoothly

  • aims to support you so that any tension can be released where there has been a build-up or offer restorative energy where there has been depletion.

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