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Restorative Shiatsu

12 months ago I had a series of shiatsu treatments which helped me heal emotionally and physically after a turbulent time. The restorative power of a single treatment (and subsequent sessions) was quite overwhelming and I knew that I wanted to find out more for myself.

I had been suffering with delayed, pent up grief, frustrations from being in the workplace and feeling both trapped and stifled by a system I no longer believed in. This led to a burn out crisis for me. My practitioner was skilfully able to offer counsel, mindfulness approaches and work through the medium of shiatsu with me to help me find improved balance in my physical, emotional and mental state. I was so determined that shiatsu would become a part of of my life moving forwards so I decided to enrol as a student to find out more for myself.

I am now half-way through my first year of study with the Bristol School of Shiatsu and am grateful to friends and family who are being my willing guinea pigs. Studying part-time is working well as it really does take time to read, practise and work our way through the syllabus. If you are interested in finding out a bit more about what it is all about you, have a read of this article on the Shiatsu Society website.

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