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Not quite ready for Happy New Year here...!

Happy New Year, even if you are not quite feeling the newness part yet! If I’m honest, I’m not yet ready with all the new year vibes. I have to admit that part of me is still in Scotland by the sea where we spent last week and I’m relishing everything about our holiday and change from the ‘normal’ Christmas week at home.

So, this year on January 1st I’m just really aware that all I have is here within me right now.

Right now, my house smells of yummy food baking for friends tomorrow; I’m smiling inside as all my brood are home and I’m treasuring memories of our special week; I’m weary from a long overnight drive (yes, we really did drive ALL night) and believe it or not I’m feeling kind of ok with the muddles around me.

In the next few weeks, I’ll find some alone time and think more about 2023 and the values I’d like to observe if possible. But it will evolve when I’m ready, which is just fine xx.

We are all just a work in progress, right?

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