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Seeking a change?

Are you looking for some kind of change in your life or physical body? I’m the first one to admit that change is not always easy and not always straightforward: many things have changed for me since I began my Shiatsu journey.

Now, I am less stressed. The awful teacher burnout I experienced has gone. The grief I carry is wholly manageable (it will never leave and that's ok). I'm calmer, kinder, and more in tune with nature and others. I am so much happier to 'do' less. I take pride in my self-care habits and these are not a reaction to a crisis.

Consequently, happiness and wellness are part of my days. Quite often the things we want to change are wrapped up in established patterns and habits. Unraveling these can take a bit of time and it can be helpful to understand why they might exist. Often naming them can help release some of the habits' hold over us. These patterns and emotions are held unknowingly in the body.

Shiatsu can help explore all this by creating conditions to: press pause on life… press pause on doing… and press pause on thinking. In this space, we can invite a more intimate dialogue with the bodymind. With this, comes a chance for reflection and change becomes something which is possible and powerful.

If this resonates and means something, please get in touch and we can explore change together.

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